SCA “FED invest” Annual General Assembly took place on April 27, 2018 at the premises of Hotel “Mondial” in Tirana, Albania.

Delegates, branch network representatives as well as local and international partners were invited to attend the Assembly.

On its second year of transformation, given the current indicators, FED invest emerges as a consolidated institution, with a satisfactory increase on financial, administrative performance and infrastructure.

Given its 25 years legacy, on the Silver Jubilee, FED invest claims 52,000 members, with 60 branch offices expanding on 80% of the country's territory.

The discussions among participants highlighted the progress made and the strategic role of international partners.

FED invest appreciation by World Bank on its “Global Financial Development Report for 2017/2018”, as a 25-year success story in Albanian financial inclusion was highly acknowledged in the Assembly.

Several important decisions were approved at the end of the workings, aiming the further progress of the Institution.

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