Steering Committee Meeting

With the invitation of her Excellency Madam Ambassador of the Netherlands to Tirana, Mrs. Dewi van de Weerd, the Steering Committee Meeting on Phase 1 of the project “Providing Access to Financial Services in Rural Albania” took place on June 11th 2018, in the premises of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Hague, Netherlands.  Senior officials from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, such as the Director and Deputy Director for Sustainable Economic Development and Policy advisor Financial Sector Development, Her Excellency Dutch Ambassador to Tirana, Rabobank project director and manager, EFSE representative and FED invest attended the meeting. At the end, it was concluded that all KPIs were successfully implemented and the decision to continue with the Phase 2 was taken unanimously, adding even more ambitious targets than Phase 1.

On June 12th, 2018 another meeting took place in the premises of Rabobank headquarters, in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Senior Rabobank officials, external experts, EFSE representative and FED invest team attending the meeting conducted thorough discussions on the technical assistance support on various aspects, as capitalization, addressing the financial risk, CBS implementation etc. This meeting was concluded with a tour at Rabobank museum at the Headquarters.


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